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  • Legal requirements

    The legal requirement applicable to the financial statements and the needs, of the companies and in­di­vi­dual customer, has been substantially. A rigorous and independent audition gives critical information to the shareholders, financial institutions and other interested parties, as well as a strong and clear perspective to the partners and members of the management of the society.

  • Strategical analysis

    Strategical analysis: working together we assess strategical risks and different rules to analyze how affects the development of the business and his accounts raises.

  • Auditing

    The methodology of the auditing has as a main objective the integral knowledge of the business, including strategy, business risks and the proceedings to administer them.

  • Analyse processes

    Analyse processes: we test the design and the operative efficacy of the internal controls, seeking to decide the objectives of the auditing, depending the risks.

  • Procedures and assessment

    Procedures and assessment: in this stage we realize substantive audit procedure, in order to the planning and identity risks, giving details and analyzing the differences of the audit.


  • Audit of the accounts


  • Audit of non-profit organizations


  • Limited revisions


  • Audit of internal control


  • Valuation of companies


  • Expertise economic-financial